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"Uncovering Myths Series"
    - Part 1: Introduction to IHM and IHM-Maintenance
    - Part 2: IHM-Development and Laboratories
    - Part 3: The Myth of Sister Ships and cheap IHMs
    - Part 4: Risks and True Costs of IHMs
    - Part 5: Automatization & Data Protection

"Polarstern erhält IHM-Pflege von GSR"

"Oldendorff Carriers digitalises IHM-Maintenance with GSR"

"Fake Fact" - IHM Maintenance Approaches

"What are you doing" - shortcomings of IHM-Maintenance by shipowners and their service suppliers

September 2018: Responsible ship recycling starts with getting the IHM prepared

September 2018: Compliant Recycling of a Navy Tanker

September 2018: New regulations will improve ship recycling, but shipowners must help 

August 2018: EuropeanCEO "Steadying the ship"

April 2018: HANSA International Maritime Journal: Grünes Recycling und schwarze Schafe

04.01.2018: The European "Get on board with GSR"

04.01.2018: European Business Magazin "The Rise of Green Shipping"

05.12.2017: Cision "Sustainable Ship Recycling Company GSR Services Scoop Prestigious Business Worldwide Magazine CEO Award"

Autumn 2017: Business Worldwide Magazine "Green and safe ship recycling on the agenda"

28.07.2017: europeanceo "Shipbreaking is a vital industry, but environmental reform is needed"

28.04.2017: Green4See "Inventory of Hazardous Materials: Current status & best practice"

08.2014: Hansa International Maritime Journal „Hazardous Times in Europe?“

July-August 2013: IRS-ClassNK-Seminar

09.02.2012: Tradewinds “Asbestos Failure By Class Societies”

09.02.2013: Der Spiegel “Gefragter Schrott”

09.12.2012: LZ Lüneburg “Marshallplan als Initialzündung”

19.11.2012: Hamburger Abendblatt „Die Umweltdetektive aus Lüneburg“

20.07.2012: Zeit Online „Abwracker sind die Krisengewinner“

06.2012: Hansa International Maritime Journal „Gutes Recycling inklusive Entsorgung kostet mehr“

12.2011: VDR - Deutsche Seeschifffahrt „Grünes Schiffsrecycling“

10.2011: Hansa International Maritime Journal „Why life cycle considerations have to go beyong known boundaries“

01.03.2011: Lloyds List “Shiprecycling convention may unearth legal minefield”



A ship dissapears by recycling 

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Products and Services of GSR

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1. Important Documents:



Guidance on how to use your landing page

Forms of Material Declaration and Suppliers Declaration of Conformity according to IMO and EU

Hong Kong International Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships (SR/CONF/45)

2015 Guidelines for the Development of Inventory of Hazardous Materials (Res. MEPC.269(68))

2011 Guidelines for the Development of the Ship Recycling Plan (Res.MEPC.196(62))

2012 Guidelines for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Ship Recycling (Res. MEPC.210(63))



REGULATION (EU) No 1257/2013 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 20 November 2013 on ship recycling and amending Regulation (EC) No 1013/2006 and Directive 2009/16/EC

“EU - Ship Recycling Facility Guidelines – FAQs" Requirements and procedure for inclusion of facilities located in third countries in the European List of ship recycling facilities — Technical guidance note under Regulation (EU) No 1257/2013 on ship recycling

"EMSA’s Best Practice Guidance on the Inventory of Hazardous Materials" which provides a collection of best practices for development of IHMs which are not mandatory or to be used for approving of certifying IHMs 


EuropeanCEO-Awards:                   “Best CEO in The International Ship Recycling Industry 2017” 

Business Worldwide Awards:           “Most Innovative CEO | Ship Recycling Industry 2017” 

European Business Magazine:          “CEO of the Year Green Shipping 2017” 

Lünale Gründerpeis:                        “Most innovative start-up in the region, 2012”



2. Interesting Studies and Articles

SOS auf hoher See, Verantwortung von Finanzinstituten im Schiffsfinanzierungsgeschaft

A short review on ship recycling methods and their images